Month: December 2010

  • Dineen best of 2010

    Dineen Best of 2010 vol.1 by fresh_air

  • Rubberbandits | Horse Outside

    Via LCEC Justin Timberlake lookout! Its the Rubberbandits! We’ve said our piece via twitter to that fool Joe Duffy and his played out “I’m so ignorant” “I’m just a man of the people” bullshit shite… ‘aysus – please someone fire his sad condescending ass off the radio. Your game was called, played and handed to […]

  • Teleseen | Mandrake

    Via our old frenemy @dubdotcom!/teleseen Mandrake from Teleseen on Vimeo.

  • Candy Claws | The Breathing Fire [Twosyllable]

    “MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: The bliss-pop’s dreamy Hidden Lands cut gets an appropriately childlike, pastoral clip. Dir: Chris Osborn & Matthew Shorr.” Childlike, pastoral or just plain creepy?

  • janne hanhisuanto | movement 3

    Phlow (Flooooowww) Magazine has a great advent calendar of CC commons greatness for 2010 the current favorite of the six advent events revealed so far is Miller in Dub and in particular Janne Hanhisuanto from his Icescapes (2010) release” Earth Mantra is very happy to welcome Finnish ambient composer Janne Hanhisuanto to our humble netlabel, […]