Month: October 2009

  • Thank You

    RIP John Peel, its been 5 years and we still miss him. The excellent Ghosts of Electricity has a great peel show available from 30 years ago

  • YACHT – Waste Of Time (Dub)

    update: rcrd lbl changed how their embedding works, here’s the updated embed, its all fancy and shit now.

  • Caribou – She’s The One

    Caribou – She’s The One

  • Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue

    In between these white hotels, the parallel pavements are peaceful the fallen leaves from flakey trees that decorate car bonnets I had this beaut-i-ful day-dreaming moment the sun was shining strangely amber Shouldered by flickering and golden-green avenues and city-doves perching on vapour trails then we saw from the upper deck watching ourselves as if […]

  • Fucking audio editing (cuban boys)

    Promotional device for the forthcoming untitled Ricardo Autobahn album. Further details will be found on or Now available with movie titles and lyrics