Month: March 2009

  • Fuck dub dickless tracy

  • Captain Moonlight – Dirty Cunts

    Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig

  • Volcano!

    from “The song is a razor-sharp satire of certain rock stars who purport to save the world with dubious, self-serving rhetoric. Backed by Mark Cartwright (bass, electronics) and Sam Scranton (percussion), vocalist Aaron With’s lyric is a searing indictment of the misguided philanthropic attitude of participants in everything from Band Aid to the [Red] […]

  • Tax $lave

    It’s tax time here in the US of A. This amazing track by Tax Slave – “Bohemian Grove” makes me wonder where our tax $$$s went? Tax $lave – Bohemian Grove Check out more from Tax Slave here and here. If you’re Tax $lave and don’t want us linking this mp3, email us.thanks!

  • cexman

    worth the listen cexman’s site

  • all the artists on bandcamp

    Use google’s site: command to search everything indexed by google on the site

  • reggie watts

    It’s Over by Reggie Watts from Jakob Lodwick on Vimeo.