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Justin Timberlake lookout! Its the Rubberbandits!

We’ve said our piece via twitter to that fool Joe Duffy and his played out “I’m so ignorant” “I’m just a man of the people” bullshit shite… ‘aysus – please someone fire his sad condescending ass off the radio. Your game was called, played and handed to you on a plate today Joe and we hope you had enough respect for yourself to realize that.

And we will be remixing you ad nauseum.

Enough – here is the business – buy the single on Dec 17th

ForWhatIitsWorth: (FWIW) Limerick is a lovely city and an amazing and beautiful part of Ireland. So is Mullingar.

Lastly “when you make plastic bags “illegal”, only the “criminals” will have plastic bags.”

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