Fuck Yes, I would hit That.

“We all feel ashamed sometimes everyday
I’ll just keep it to myself in the sun, in the sun”

Him & Her “In The Sun” is a “Grease” / Surf Guitar – “Feel Goodery” song that’ll schism the fans.

“Coy” lyrics.

Definitely “channeling” the Beach Boys “good vibrations”; especially in the last 30 seconds.

– Punctuation Monkey

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    I watched ‘The Yes Man’ twice – with Jim Carrey as the man who learns to say yes to everything, and the lovely Zooey stars as lead singer of her band Munchausen by Proxy as well as leading a jogging/photography group, she’s disarmingly off-kilter. Zooey, I wonder is her name any reference to JD Sallinger’s Franny & Zooey, if I bothered to check Wikipedia I’m sure I could find out. Anyhoo…ahh.

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