RIP by Edmundo de Marchena

Old clothes from the 90’s are continuously ripped off a dancing male body in this 2003 video by multimedia artist Edmundo de Marchena . The video ends with the ripped clothes being disposed of.
This is a 1 minute video excerpt from a 12 minute performance piece.
For more works by this artist go to:

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    I thought you folks over at ‘fuckdub’ would appreciate some good fucking writing by henry miller, taken from pg 221 of the 2006 Harper Collins edition:

    ‘And Maude….Having satisfied herself to her heart’s content, she had probably realized for the first time that is was useless to harbor a grudge against the other woman. If, she may have told herself, if it were possible to be fucked like that whenever she wished, it wouldn’t matter what claims the other one had on me. Perhaps it entered her mind for the first time that possession is nothing if you can’t surrender yourself. Perhaps she even went so far as to think that it might be better this way – having me protect her and fuck her and not having to get angry with me because of jealous fears. If the other one could hold on to me, if the other one could keep me from running around with every little slut that came across my path, if together they could share me, tacitly of course and without embarassment and confusion, perhaps after all it might be better that way, fucked without fear of being betrayed, to be fucking your own husband who is now your friend (and perhaps a lover again), to be taking what you want of him, callnig him when you need him, sharing a warm, passionate secret with him, reliving the old fucks, learning new ones, stealing and yet not stealing, but giving oneself with pleasure and abandon, growing younger again, losing nothing except a conventional tie…yes, it might be ever so much better.’

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    Thanks Holbrook, its certainly more fucking exciting that his Big Sur Memorial fucking Library, though… they’re improving..

    They even have a fucking twitter account

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